Project Corporate Social Responsibility Program

As the first phase of the project, which is in place to assist the school students in rural areas, 50 students who sit for the Grade Five Scholarship Examination this year (2019) were offered with question paper sets with the grace of the Principal and the Tutorial Staff of Abogama Junior School, Ehetuwewa as Mr. Ajith Jayawardena and Mr. Chatura Hasantha represented the PPA at this occasion.


Project Strengthen the school sport activities

To uplift the sports affairs of the school, the PPA contributed to equip the school’s Volley Ball Team in 2019. The leader for Sri Lankan National Volley Ball Team: Mr. Chandima Dissanayake graced this occasion. Moreover, the school’s Western Cadet Band was equipped with a saxophone with the grace of the school’s Principal: Mr. Iran C. Silva and the Deputy Principal: Mr. Kusuman Ranasinghe. The Administrative Secretary: Mr. Ajith Jayawardena, the Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Duminda Hapuarachchi and the Senior Vice President (Sports and Welfare) Mr. Asanka Rathnayake represented the PPA at this occasion.

Project Swimming Pool Complex

Equipping the school with a swimming pool complex was the largest project in the schools history. Therefore, it was an enormous responsibility for the PPA compared to other projects in the past: constructing a swimming pool with eight tracks, twenty-five meters of length, estimated cost of thirty-seven million rupees while meeting international standards. It was quite decisive to have the necessary leadership and funds for the project. Especially, the contribution of the former principal: Most Reverend Labutale Sudhassana Thero, his inspirational leadership and offering his personal vehicle as the first prize of the lottery along with a donation of one million rupees boosted this task. This initiative was followed by the contribution of the business community in town, parents of the students,tutorial staff, well-wishers and many other parties. Consequently, completing the first phase of this project was a success by spending a two third from the estimated cost.

Project The school renovation project for future generation.

The BC OBA has initiated a crucial project aimed at renovating the school buildings, addressing a long-standing necessity. A professional engineering team has been engaged to meticulously identify areas requiring improvement. The project seeks support from esteemed alumni, specifically old Nayakans, to contribute the necessary financial resources for its successful execution. For the detailed information visit