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Do you wish to migrate to another country for
1. Migration as an International Student ( Work & Study Category)
2. Migration with work permit / Employment
3. Migration as a Permanent Resident

How to prepare for a purposeful migration:
1. Write your purpose of migration
2. Identify the category
3. Check the requirements
4. Preparation of basic documentation
5. What is important on Documentation
6. Mentally prepare for the migration (Cultural, Climatic, Away from home (Home sick, Challenges)

Areas to focus on :
1. Education / professional / technical qualifications
2. Letters of Experience / Service letters / References
3. Have money in banks as much as possible / save money now itself
4. Focus about your Health challenges as there’s a medical test
5. Proper certification of documentation
6. Language Skills , Cultural awareness
7. If migration for employment , possible home back up plans
සැලකිය යුතුයි ‼️
කිසිදු මුදලයි කිරීමකින් තොරව නොමිලේ ඔබට දැනුම ලබාදීමට ඔබ මෙන්ම බණ්ඩාරනායක විද්‍යාලයෙන් තම වෘත්තීමය